Kasha Mirczewska

Kasha Mirczewska

Mortgage Agent, Reverse Mortgage Certified

Kasha is a licensed realtor and mortgage agent. She loves helping clients find the right solution for their needs and finds it most satisfying to help them find the financial dignity and independence they seek. She loves traveling and researching new places to visit!

Ajay Singh's
Full Bio

RetireBetter.ca, a division of PrestoMortgages, focuses on helping homeowners arrange reverse mortgages.


Led by Ajay Singh, the team at RetireBetter.ca has become Canada's #1 reverse mortgage brokerage.

“I started my career as a corporate lawyer and for 15 years, I had a successful yet completely unfulfilling career.  Working for large companies and banks was fine but not very satisfying.  I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to start my own business which led to me co-founding PrestoMortgages in 2015.”


At PrestoMortgages, Ajay incorporated industry-leading practices and helped the brokerage grow rapidly.

“Helping people with their mortgage was such a refreshing change from my legal career.  I quickly became more involved in all other aspects of the business, including helping clients learn to manage their finances and expenses in a responsible way, just like my father taught me.”


Early at PrestoMortgages, Ajay was introduced to reverse mortgages and how older homeowners could benefit from them.

“Helping people purchase their home was enjoyable but helping older, retired homeowners stay in their homes was a whole other experience.  I began to see so many opportunities where reverse mortgages could help homeowners.  I learned as much about them as I could.  I really enjoyed showing people how reverse mortgages could be a life changer.”


Ajay soon realized that working with older clients resonated with some of his staff more than others, and he began to train this smaller group to become the specialists that currently make up the RetireBetter.ca team.

“As we get older, we see things differently.  We experience moments in our lives that change our lives forever, such as the death of a parent and those experiences just make you want to live your life the best way possible.  You can’t live like that unless you help those around you and treat everyone with dignity and respect.  Everyone at RetireBetter.ca feels strongly about wanting to do work that helps people live their lives in a dignified manner.”


When you contact RetireBetter.ca, every step of your journey is meant to give you the reassurance and information you need to make a comfortable decision.

“When I wanted to create an experience for our clients that reassures them, answers questions and removes doubts. Our team is here to make this journey happy without the guilt and shame associated with reverse mortgages.

Helping an Older Generation

Helping an older generation of Canadians live their remaining years with financial independence and dignity is the focus of RetireBetter.ca.

"I know the benefits of reverse mortgages. The information online needs to be corrected or applicable to Canadian homeowners. We created RetireBetter.ca so homeowners can learn more about reverse mortgages in Canada and make informed decisions without pressure."

Mortgage Expert

Ajay's expertise in the Canadian mortgage industry, his deep understanding of reverse mortgages and his passionate advocacy for retired homeowners make him a valuable resource for anyone looking to secure their financial future.  His commitment to exceptional service and personalized solutions has made him a trusted advisor and an integral part of the Canadian mortgage industry. He volunteers actively in organizations focused on youth sports and healthy senior living. Ajay lives in Toronto with his wife and two children outside his professional life.