It does not always happen but you would be surprised how many times our clients ask us questions about the CHIP reverse mortgage ads they saw on television.

“Who is the figure skater in the reverse mortgage ads?”

“Who is the actress in the CHIP reverse mortgage television commercials?”

Well, since many have asked, we decided to collect all the video clips of the various commercials HomeEquity Bank has made over the years. These commercials, filled with humor, warmth, and a dash of realism, have not only entertained viewers but also shed light on the benefits of reverse mortgages for homeowners aged 55 and above. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Jayne Eastwood is a Toronto-based actress who plays the “Doris” character in a series of commercials for the CHIP reverse mortgage.
  • Kurt Browning is a retired figure skater and former world champion; he is the current brand ambassador for HomeEquity Bank and has produced a series of commercials. 

Ad #1: The Unwanted Real Estate Agent

Remember the commercial where an elderly couple spots an approaching real estate agent, Terri?

The couple suspects Terri is about to ask them, yet again, if they're ready to sell their home. The husband confidently assures his wife that he can handle the situation. He then turns on the outdoor sprinklers and the realtor is forced to dance away, avoiding the jets of water.

The commercial ends on a high note, with a voiceover suggesting that viewers can retire in the home they love with the CHIP reverse mortgage from Home Equity Bank. This commercial resonated with many homeowners, highlighting how the product can help resist pressure to sell.

Ad #2: The Staircase Dilemma

In another memorable commercial, a family conversation takes an unexpected turn. A daughter expresses concern about her father who has thrown his back out, suspecting that the stairs in their current home are the cause. She suggests it might be time for her parents to move to a smaller place. However, the mother refutes this, stating that they love the stairs. The commercial was a reminder that adults over the age of 55 remain active and loving.

Ad #3: The Downsizing Debate

In the "Downsizing in Retirement is Not Your Only Option" commercial, an adult son suggests to his parents that they consider downsizing and moving into a condo. 

In a humorous twist, the parents suggest moving in with their son instead, pointing out that they would have to give up their activities, like the father's Saturday hockey games. 

This commercial resonated with many viewers, highlighting the freedom and flexibility that the CHIP reverse mortgage can provide.  It also showed how parents feel about moving out of their comfortable home and living in close quarters with others.

Ad #4: The Retirement Community Consultation

One television advertisement that sparked a lot of conversations features a dialogue between two parents and their daughter’s boyfriend, Ryan.  

Ryan, having recently moved his parents into a retirement community, offers to put the father in touch with the same retirement community.  The father responds that he needs to consult his wife. The wife, overhearing the conversation, laughs and makes a comment that makes it clear they prefer to stay in their own home. 

This commercial was the first time HomeEquity Bank included Asian actors in its advertisements, suggesting the company was trying to outreach to diverse communities.

The “Doris” Ads

Jayne Eastwood is a Toronto-based actress who plays the “Doris” character in a series of commercials for the CHIP mortgage program.

Ad #5: The Persistent Neighbor

In a tv ad that brought a smile to many faces, a couple discusses their neighbor, Doris (who we now know is played by the female actor Jayne Eastwood). They believe Doris is getting older and might be ready to sell her house. They fantasize about the additional space they could have if Doris sold her house. 

However, a woman comes alongside and interjects, stating that Doris is still quite active and isn't going anywhere, and they should "get off her lawn." Clearly, the woman is Doris and the commercial was a reminder that seniors like Doris should stay in their homes despite the assumptions or desires of others.

Ad #6: The Grandmother's Game

In a heartwarming commercial, Canadian actress Eastwood returns as Doris and is playing a game with her granddaughter. The granddaughter shares that her parents were discussing retirement home options for Doris amongst themselves.  

Doris is amused and slyly whispers a comment the granddaughter should tell her mother. The implication is that Doris is not interested at all in moving and is quite happy living in her home.

Ad # 7: Conversation Stoppers

In the "Conversation Stoppers with Doris" ad, Doris addresses several scenarios:

  1. She notices people redecorating her home with their eyes, implying they're imagining it as their own.
  2. She challenges the idea that her knees aren't reliable enough for her to live in her own home, pointing out that they're good enough to chase after her grandchildren.
  3. She dismisses the idea of living in a building full of people her own age, comparing it to her college dorm experience with crowded bathrooms and no sleep.
  4. She questions the notion that the monetary value of her home is more important than her happiness.
  5. She defends her right to peace and quiet after living in a house full of rowdy brothers and then children.
  6. She scoffs at the idea of moving to the country after living her whole life in the city, humorously asking if she's expected to churn her own butter.

Doris's witty comebacks and steadfast determination to stay in her home have made her a favorite among viewers.

The Kurt Browning Series

HomeEquity Bank also roped in former professional figure skater, Kurt Browning, for a series of commercials. 

In these episodes, the celebrity spokesperson shares that people often approach him to talk about skating and the CHIP reverse mortgage. He expresses satisfaction in helping senior homeowners use the equity in their home and improve their lives. 

He explains that homeowners aged 55 or older could get up to 55% of their home's value in tax-free cash, either as a lump sum or over time , with no monthly mortgage payments required. The commercials encourage viewers to call a provided number or visit the CHIP website to receive a free, no-obligation guide. The goal of the CHIP reverse mortgage, as stated in the commercials, is to help homeowners live the retirement they deserve.

Ad #8:The Hot Tub Dream

In a more recent commercial, a husband explains the benefits of a CHIP reverse mortgage and asks his wife if she would prefer an indoor or an outdoor hot tub. The wife, without hesitation, asks why they cannot get both.  This commercial was meant to show homeowners they can easily access cash and not have to make compromises in their retirement.

Conclusion: The Power of Storytelling

HomeEquity Bank's commercials have done more than just promote the CHIP reverse mortgage. They've told stories that resonate with homeowners, stories that reflect the challenges, dreams, and desires of those considering their retirement options. They've shown that with the right financial product, retirement can be a time of freedom and enjoyment, a time to live in the home you love, and a time to live life on your terms.

Characters like Doris have become favorites among viewers, her wit and determination reflecting the spirit of many seniors who wish to enjoy their retirement in their own homes. As a reverse mortgage expert, I can attest to the power of these commercials in helping to dispel myths and misconceptions about reverse mortgages. They've opened up conversations, sparked interest, and helped many homeowners see the potential benefits of a CHIP reverse mortgage.

So, whether you're a homeowner looking to explore your retirement options, or you're just a fan of heartwarming commercials, HomeEquity Bank's CHIP Reverse Mortgage commercials are worth a watch. They're more than just advertisements; they're stories of retirement done right


Q. Who can get a CHIP reverse mortgage?

A. Homeowners aged 55 or older can access up to 55% of their home's value in tax-free cash without having to move or sell their home. Monthly payments are not required and the loan does not need to repaid until the homeowner sells the home, moves out or passes away. Reverse mortgages can be better for seniors than home equity loans.

Q. How much money can I get from a CHIP reverse mortgage?

A. You can get an estimate of your potential loan amount by using our online reverse mortgage calculator. This calculator does not require you to provide any personal information.

Q. What are the interest rates on a CHIP reverse mortgage?

A. You can contact us for the latest rates or go to the CHIP website for current rates. You can learn more by reading our guide to reverse mortgage fees and costs.