The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is the most popular choice in Canada for homeowners over the age of 55 who decide to get a reverse mortgage.

For homeowners who don’t have a reverse mortgage though, the idea of getting a reverse mortgage can be confusing and maybe even scary.  As Canada’s leading reverse mortgage brokerage, we help seniors with this process regularly so if you feel confused or scared—that’s ok!  

In this article, we’ll spotlight the situations and concerns that might indicate it's time you’re ready for a CHIP Mortgage.

15 Signs You Might Be Ready For A CHIP Mortgage

  1. You Have No Heirs:

For many seniors, the biggest concern with a reverse mortgage is the potential impact on their children’s inheritance. But if you don’t have any heirs, this concern really doesn’t apply.  

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In these cases, we recommend a CHIP Mortgage because it allows homeowners to take advantage of the equity in their homes and fully enjoy their retirement years.

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  1. You Have Limited Family Support: 

If you are not receiving financial support from your family, and you need the help, then a CHIP Mortgage can bridge the financial gap, ensuring you have the resources you need without burdening loved ones.

In these cases, we encourage elderly homeowners to not suffer needlessly and focus on the quality of their retirement years.  

  1. Retirement Home Living Worries You:

If the idea of moving to a retirement home or assisted living facility is unappealing, a CHIP Mortgage can provide the funds needed to adapt your home or hire in-home care, allowing you to age comfortably in familiar surroundings.

Since COVID, we’ve seen many clients express their concerns about retirement living and the popularity of aging in place suggests most retired homeowners prefer to live in home.

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  1. You Have a Mortgage After 55:

If you are carrying a mortgage into retirement, it will likely strain your finances. With a CHIP Mortgage, you can clear this debt, eliminating monthly payments and freeing up cash for other essential expenses.

There is obviously some flexibility on this point: if you expect to pay off your mortgage very soon, then you probably shouldn’t get a reverse mortgage for this reason alone.  

However, if you have a large mortgage after the age of 55 and it likely won’t be paid off for a number of years (think 7-10+), then you should definitely consider getting a reverse mortgage.

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  1. Monthly Cash Flow Issues: 

If you're finding it challenging to cover monthly bills, and you have equity available in your home, then you should consider a CHIP Mortgage.   

Retirement should be a time of relaxation, not financial stress.  You should consider a CHIP Mortgage to supplement your income, ensuring consistent cash flow and financial peace of mind.

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  1. Constantly Checking Pension Details: 

If you are frequently checking your pension statements because of financial worries, it’s a clear sign of financial stress. 

We advise clients that a CHIP Mortgage can complement your pension, providing a stable financial foundation without having an impact of their government benefits.

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  1. Delaying Expenditures: 

If you're avoiding home repairs, medical treatments, or even leisure activities because of money problems, it's time to consider how a CHIP Mortgage can reintroduce financial flexibility into your life.

  1. Frequent Use of HELOC: 

Over-reliance on a Home Equity Line of Credit, especially without a clear repayment plan, can lead to mounting debt. A CHIP Mortgage offers a more structured approach, providing funds without the pressure of monthly repayments.

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  1. Sticker Shock with Mortgage Renewal Pricing: 

Surprised by high renewal rates? With the recent rise of interest rates, mortgage rates have risen dramatically.  

Facing this situation, seniors typically think they have only 2 options: selling your home or suffering with the high payments.

Our advice in these situations is to show them how a CHIP Mortgage can offer a stable, long-term solution.

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  1. Desire to Help Struggling Family: 

Witnessing family members face financial hardships while feeling powerless to assist can be heart-wrenching. 

A CHIP Mortgage can provide the means to offer substantial support, whether it's helping with tuition fees, home down payments, or other financial challenges.

  1. Thinking of Downsizing for the Wrong Reasons: 

The decision to downsize should be a lifestyle choice, not a forced decision because of financial pressures. 

Before making a hasty move, consider how a CHIP Mortgage can provide the funds you need while allowing you to remain in your cherished home.

Of course, sometimes it makes sense to downsize.  Even in these circumstances, we show seniors how they can use a CHIP Reverse Mortgage to buy their next home.

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  1. Rising Healthcare Costs: 

As we age, healthcare needs can become more pronounced, leading to escalating costs. Whether it's medications, treatments, or in-home care, these costs are important and should not be ignored.

With a CHIP Mortgage, you can ensure you have the funds to cover these essential expenses and your retirement years are healthy ones.

  1. Lack of Savings or Pension: 

Not everyone enters retirement with a hefty savings account or pension. 

If you find yourself in this situation, a CHIP Mortgage can act as a financial lifeline, ensuring you maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

  1. Travel Desires: 

Retirement is the perfect time to explore the world. If financial constraints are grounding your travel dreams, a CHIP Mortgage can provide the boost needed to set your plans in motion.

  1. Rethinking Big Inheritances: 

While leaving a substantial inheritance is a noble goal, consider the benefits of living bequests. 

With a CHIP Mortgage, you can provide financial assistance to loved ones now, when they might need it most, ensuring you witness the positive impact of your generosity.

Each of these 15 reasons highlights a unique scenario where a CHIP Mortgage might be the ideal solution. 

Recognizing these situations in your life can be the first step towards a more secure and happy retirement.

The RetireBetter Suitability Quiz

As we mentioned earlier, we frequently discuss these questions about reverse mortgages with retired homeowners.  To help people explore the idea of a reverse mortgage in Canada, we created a quick online reverse mortgage suitability quiz.

Try our quiz yourself and regardless of your results, reach out to us.

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Try the RetireBetter Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Encouraging Discussion

Recognizing these signs is just the beginning of exploring the suitability of a reverse mortgage.

At RetireBetter, we encourage open discussions with our reverse mortgage experts to explore the benefits of a CHIP Mortgage tailored to your unique situation.

Wrapping Up

If you identify with multiple signs listed above, it might be time to consider a CHIP Mortgage. 

This financial tool offers a solution to many challenges Canadian seniors face, providing peace of mind and financial freedom.

We hope this article provides clarity on when it might be time to consider a CHIP Mortgage. If you recognize your concerns in the signs mentioned, the experts at RetireBetter are here to guide you further.


Q: What are the costs associated with a CHIP Mortgage?

A: CHIP Mortgage costs include home appraisal fees, lender closing costs, and legal fees. For a detailed breakdown, refer to our Guide to Reverse Mortgage Costs.

Q: How can I learn more about CHIP Mortgages?

A: To learn more about CHIP Reverse Mortgages, check out our Review of the CHIP Reverse Mortgage.  You can learn how the CHIP reverse mortgage works, how to apply for a CHIP reverse mortgage, etc.